Sunday 23rd June

Comedy Vocalist

Aiden Jay is a name synonymous with comedy. Aiden has been on the circuit for over twenty years starting as many did plying his trade in working mens clubs the length and breadth of the British Isles. He was awarded the prestigious comedian of the year award back in the year 2000, it was presented to him by one of his idols Mr Charlie Williams. Aiden has received this award twice more since then. Amongst the highlights of his career Aiden lists joining the Thomson Gold stable of comics back in 2004 and has been a regular on the circuit ever since with his clean non aggressive brand of comedy. Not one to rest on his laurels Aiden is a hard worker and changes his routines regularly. Aiden also has a strong singing voice and loves performing his own songs which have a little bit of a country feel to them, he loves nothing more than sharing them with the audience. When he isnt performing to Thomson Gold audiences he can be found sailing the world with his unique comedy vocal show being a regular performer for many of the major cruise lines. Aiden was asked in 2008 to perform for the troops firstly in Germany then all over the world returning time and time again. You can tell by watching Aiden perform he loves his job and to quote him ” There is no better feeling than hearing someone laugh and knowing you’re the cause “. So sit back and relax and enjoy the show knowing you’re in the capable hands of one of the finest comedians on the circuit.