Sunday 17th February

Personality Vocal Entertainer

Harry Linacre is a 22-year-old singer/songwriter with an outstanding vocal talent. Performing popular music from male and female vocalists, Harry has the ability to make a song from any era his own in order to suit any occasion. Harry’s stunning vocal range enables him to give funky renditions of Michael Jackson classics, sing you the sweet sounds of Adele, take you back to the 60s with his extremely well received Jersey Boys medleys and bring you right back up to date with songs from Ed Sheeran.

Born into the musical “Linacre” family, Harry has been performing for a wide range of audiences since a very young age. In recognition of his talent, BBC Talent scouted Harry at 9 years old to be a part of their film “The Little Prince” aired on BBC2 in 2004. From then on, Harry was invited to audition all over London for main roles in various West End stage productions including Oliver Twist and Mary Poppins. This led to Harry performing in front of the likes of Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cameron Mackintosh, Graham Norton and many more